"Show/hide Menu Bar Icons Left of specific icon" not working

I downloaded version 4,616 and the "floating_status_item_bar" preset from the link Manage Menubar Status Items · GitBook

The action "Show/hide Menu Bar Icons Left of specific icon" is not hiding any icon:

One thing to make sure: All menubar item management features require BTT to have the screen recording permissions in System Settings

Yes, BTT has screen recording permissions.

Small video to show that nothing happens when I click the arrow

That's strange, this should be working fine. Which version of macOS are you running?

Have you tried selecting an other item to hide?

Yes, I have tried other items to hide and the issue persists.

I am on Macbook Pro 16' M1 Max 32 GB - Ventura 13.6.7 (22G720)

Ah ok, I assume the approach BTT uses only works on macOS 14/15. I'll probably not add compatibility for macOS 13, but I'll make clear that it requires macOS 14.

That's a pity, I can't leave macOS 13.

I bought some moths ago Bartender app, just for hide some status bar icons.

I have quitted the Bartender app for trying this new BTT feature. Monitor Activity confirms that Bartender is not running, but I wonder if having installed this app can interfere with BTT…

Probably not, I know that Bartender uses different approaches on macOS 13, but I have not done any research on that macOS version myself. Unfortunately there is no official API or anything like this, thus this is all reverse engineering & trial & error.

Hope you can implement this new feature for macOS 13.

I love to manage everything with BTT…

This is really unlikely as my main machines are all running 14 or 15, and a feature like this needs a lot of testing. Maybe if it is just a small change it could work, but I assume it would require a whole different technique on macOS 13 ;-(

Ok, running Bartender again :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, thanks for the explanations!