Long Menubar issue

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, I have a weird issue with a very long menubar that I never saw before. It seems to me that BTT has created it in some way.

This long menubar has the height of the macos menubar, but the width seems to be longer than the width of the menubar. It is shown in the bartender staus bar items (cmd+7):

This long menubar is not a floating menu that I have configured.

I'm not sure, but it seems that this long menubar has been created after I downloaded the version 4.616 and tried the "floating_status_item_bar" preset from the link Manage Menubar Status Items · GitBook (yesterday we talked about this issue here)

Any idea if how can I fix this long menubar?

this item should not be visible, does it only appear in bartender or do you also see it in the menubar?

I see it in Bartender quick search, and also in the Bartender menu bar layout.

I have achieved to move it to the Bartender>"Always Hidden menu bar items" and in that place it is not disturbing.

But it was a nightmare until I found that solution, because this long menubar was added automatically to the main menu bar as I have Bartender layuot with this configuration:

So I had the long BTT menubar in the main menu bar and I was not able to click any menubar item of any app. The only solution was to restart BTT again and again.

Hope you understand what I mean, I 'm not sure if I am explaining it clearly.

Ok, the next version will remove this item unless the BTT status bar management features are used (and always remove it on macOS <= 13).

(Bartender also has multiple such items, but it can filter out its own ones)

Fixed in alpha 4.622. Thanks!