Show Custom Context Menu (NEW) Issue on Finder

Hi there,

For some reason, one of my "Show Custom Context Menu (NEW)" items is sending the wrong action when the finder is active. When any other app is active it's fine. For some reason, this trigger opens the Finder Recents folder when the finder is active.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I could only imagine you have configured a separate menu for Finder with a different action :thinking:.

Hi again; strangely, this issue is back. I have recorded a video for you to see it. Any ideas?

Here is the action using the source keyboard shortcut, which is working fine...

Do you have any overrides configured for Finder specifically?

I might not have fully understood what the context menu is/should be triggering. Is it triggering a keyboard shortcut? If so, is that shortcut maybe configured specifically for Finder?

Hi Andreas,

There are no specific Finder overrides.

And I am calling an existing trigger via...

Thanks for all your help!

It is an intermittent issue. Currently it's working as expected :slight_smile:

Hi sorry to be a pain on this one. I am gearing up to add many of my actions into a custom context menu as part of a new workflow, but keep running into the same intermittent issue. Is there any way I can share access to my set for troubleshooting help?


yes, go to Help -> Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to me (