Setting the Pinch/Spread detection sensitivity

I know I've asked for this before, but it really bothers me (here), maybe it could happen after all
I had a problem with the "4 Finger Tap" trigger - it conflicted with the built-in Show Desktop/Open Launchpad option, every time I tried to open the Launchpad, the trigger was also activated.

I turned off the built-in option, and used pinch/spread triggers, but they only detect a really big thumb movement.
Could you allow the sensitivity of this to be set?
Thanks for your great work!

I added an additional setting in 3.884 alpha. This changes the only parameter I can easily expose but I think it should already help. The default value is 0.3, smaller values will make it easier to trigger.

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Wow thanks!
Just how do I get the alpha? :grinning:
Searching for alpha version from the BTT menu brings up the following message:
CleanShot 2022-10-02 at 16.57.28

it should now show up!

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Yup! It just works! Amazing :clap:
Thank you!