"Resize window below cursor" only resizes from bottom-right.

It looks like when using the "resize below cursor" function, window resizing uses the bottom right corner as the "origin point" and dimension changes from there.

Is it possible for resizing function to be aware of cursor position in the context of the window? Such as bottom left, top left, top right — not just the bottom right.

So if the window is invisibly divided into four, resizing when the cursor is in the top left part of the window will cause dimensions to change from the top left corner, and respectively for four parts of the window.

+1 I would love to see this! I'm considering moving to BetterTouchTool from the now-deceased Zooom/2, which had this corner-resizing feature, as did MondoMouse before it.


+1 for this. Also related, it would be nice if you could choose whether to move on cursor move or "click and drag". For example, I want to have ctrl + [left button drag] move then window, instead of ctrl + [mouse move].


Is there any update/method to provide this functionality? I dearly miss the Zooom2 any-corner-resizes too, would love to see it in BTT.


+1 I loved that feature when I had it in some Linux version....(can't remember which one)


Yeah, that's the one feature I dearly miss from the free Windows tool AltSnap, which allows you to use areas like these for the most convenient resizing experience!

Would love for this request to be noticed!

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Not exactly the same, but similar.

You need three actions

(1) "move mouse...".
(2) custom left click (down only)
(3) custom left click (up only)

(1) moves the mouse to the left, right, top, bottom corner/border of the front window.
(2) click and hold clicked.

Now you can resize the window by moving the mouse.

(3) release the left click. Back to normal.

This can be activated with any BTT trigger (shortcut, gesture...). With a cycle action the same trigger can be used to enable and disable resizing.


That's actually a pretty good solution.
Here is an example config that resizes windows from the top left while holding cmd+d:
Example Preset


Hi Andreas, have you tested this?

The problem is that BTT stores the click position of the front window incorrectly when the window is moved. You said this has something to do with the y value and that you want to fix this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The y issue is only for the BTT window, no? (just enter x 0 and y 0 and it should work for other windows)
But it's fixed in my local build anyways :smiley: will release that tomorrow.

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Unfortunately not :man_shrugging:

Mhh ok, then wait until the new alpha tomorrow is released, it's working pretty well here :slight_smile:

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For me, "move mouse and click" does not work properly in relation to the front window in any app when the window is moved. Is it really just me?

no probably not - as said I fixed it in the version I'm running on my local machine already. That's why I might not have noticed the issue anymore while testing this. The fix will be released tomorrow!

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:+1: :grinning:

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Interesting idea, thank for sharing!

Can this be used to:

  • get mouse position
  • get window position/dimensions
  • compare
  • fire up an action based on ↑ comparison

or is this beyond BTT's capabilities?

Otherwise am I correct that I'd need 9 shortcuts to cover the 9 areas in the picture above?

Check out this improved poor man's substitution to the awesomeness of one key trigger in AltSnap:
Sets the following triggers: fn+

  • Top: Q/W/E (←↑→)
  • Middle: A/D (← →, no middle as you don't resize anything there, but you can set it to move action if you want)
  • Bottom: Z/X/C (←↓→)

Then as long as you hold them, you can resize the window with a touchpad


  • needs many keybinds
  • you ←→↑↓ alignment isn't perfect as you can't set a 50% of window width mark, so I've chosen approximate 400 pixels for ←→ and 200 for ↑↓
  • anything else?

Is it possible to group the keyboard shortcuts in the list? For example, I'd like to have all of these 18 keybinds to be grouped together visually under one header (that I could also collapse)

ResizeFromSides.bttpreset (40.1 KB)

Same as ↑ but with fnS to move a window
ResizeFromSides+Move@C.bttpreset (40.7 KB)

I don't know, I haven't tested this, but maybe there is a way to use only one shortcut with the Advanced Conditions, eg if the mouse is in the upper left corner of a window, then resize the window from there. So you would have to move the mouse to the desired location first and then use the shortcut.

@Andreas_Hegenberg [Andreas_Hegenberg] should know the full power of his tool, so let's wait for his response
I'll meanwhile use the 9fn script as that seems to still be better than being able to only resize from the bottom-right

Yeah, that'd be much better!

I see there were some hacks provided in this thread, but what of @vurt's original request? Could this be part of the built in "resizing modifier keys" feature?