"Resize window below cursor" only resizes from bottom-right.

It looks like when using the "resize below cursor" function, window resizing uses the bottom right corner as the "origin point" and dimension changes from there.

Is it possible for resizing function to be aware of cursor position in the context of the window? Such as bottom left, top left, top right — not just the bottom right.

So if the window is invisibly divided into four, resizing when the cursor is in the top left part of the window will cause dimensions to change from the top left corner, and respectively for four parts of the window.

+1 I would love to see this! I'm considering moving to BetterTouchTool from the now-deceased Zooom/2, which had this corner-resizing feature, as did MondoMouse before it.

+1 for this. Also related, it would be nice if you could choose whether to move on cursor move or "click and drag". For example, I want to have ctrl + [left button drag] move then window, instead of ctrl + [mouse move].

Is there any update/method to provide this functionality? I dearly miss the Zooom2 any-corner-resizes too, would love to see it in BTT.

+1 I loved that feature when I had it in some Linux version....(can't remember which one)