Reliability of Hyperkey on Release?

I have set up my CAPS LOCK as a hyper key in BTT, and set up a named trigger on release (F18), which is configured to trigger Alfred. When I press and release the CAPS LOCK quickly, often Alfred fails to trigger, and I have to press for longer before release then it works. I notice that the CAPSLOCK light briefly flashes when it works but doesn't when it fails. Is there any way to "tweak" the sensitivity to improve the reliability of this. Karabiner was more sensitive IIRC, and I did just test with this new tool:

Remapping CAPSLOCK to F18 using this app and it works instantly and reliably (but doesn't enable dual use of hyperkey when held down and F18 when released like BTT does)...

Hi @iandol

I’m not an expert on this at all, but just as one data point… I was very excited to move from Karabiner to BTT for Hyperkey, as this is the only thing I use Karabiner for, but I found that BTT was not as reliable/robust as Karabiner was, especially for these edge cases when I was perhaps not paying as much attention.

I’m not sure if this is because Karabiner is working “closer to the metal” or just because it’s only doing one thing and BTT does many things. I plan to keep an eye on BTT's implementation of it and hope to eventually switch to it, but for now I'm still using Karabiner.

Hi Tim, yes that sounds consistent with my current experience. The fact the [CAPS] key needs to flash the LED on then off suggests it is using a different (further-from-the-metal) hook into the system, and this would explain the latency for fast key presses. I hope this can be improved for the future, and I need to chose whether to reinstall karabiner (which itself totally breaks using MATLAB for my work), or go back to using another key to trigger Alfred and just use the BTT hyper key as a modifier only (which works more reliably for me as I press for longer).

Thanks for your input.

@Andreas_Hegenberg — do you have any way to improve this to work as quickly as hyperkey or karabiner? Thank you!

V3.615 should improve the reliability for quick releases, would be great if you could test.

Yes, this is much quicker and more reliable than before. As fast as I can tap [CAPS LOCK] I always get my F18 trigger to Alfred working, and holding down gets me hyper key without fail. Totally brilliant, many thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg !!! :star_struck:

I would like to give it a try, but BTT does not record my Caps Lock key... :cry:

(both on the internal MacBook Pro keyboard and the external Apple Magic Keyboard)

did you maybe remap capslock in system preferences -> keyboard-> modifiers?

I disable the Caps Lock key there when using Karabiner Elements for the Hyperkey.

But I made sure it was reset to the default before trying BTT.

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