Recovering deleted actions

If I accidentally delete an action is it possible to recover it.

Also, is it possible to archive all the actions under an app in the app list?


Beg pardon, substitute 'action' for 'trigger'. Head not on right.

You can press cmd+z to undo, but only as long BTT was still opened.
Otherwise you could only try to restore some backup (Help => Restore From Backup).

You can always create exports of your current setup by using Presets => Export Selected Preset.

The Restore from Backup is a replace all solution, though, correct? Which means any changes or additions I've made elsewhere in BTT would be trashed.

The CMD+z solution is working for me but obviously it's time limited and not really reliable.

Presets would be the current preferred method but you know how it is with things that have to be done by hand; you just forget.

I'm beginning to get to a level of complexity, and I'm sure others are, where versioning or some other kind of safety net would relieve a deal of anxiety. Could that be a request, please. thanks.

Personally I just duplicate the trigger, disable/hide the old one and label it “old”.

I guess I have a level of complexity fyi... My preset is AquaTouch

I'm mostly talking about accidental deletions or code mess-ups. Why I mentioned versions.

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Adding some sort of "auto-backup" would be easy (like, creating a snapshot every 5 minutes or so). Maybe I can add something like this in the future.

Cool. Incremental, obviously.

Does that make a difference? Full back up would be much easier to implement and allow for any sort of recovery.

What I actually mean is that backups don't overwrite previous ones. Sorry, I'm stating the bleeding obvious.

Ohh like the time machine one in Pages? that lets you “visit” and older copy but not restore it, and take stuff out of it?

yes, but definitely a way simpler implementation than timemachine :joy:

Just in case we're still crossing wires; Incremental in that a simple, every 5 minutes backup would be uselss if I discovered my error, say, 15 minutes after I made it.

I'd also like to be able to easily extract just the part that I'd buggered up. Like a trigger, an action of maybe even the script that's attached to the action. Simply backing up the application support/BetterTouchTool folder wouldn't be enough, unless I'm missing something.

Just as an aside, it looks to me like BTT is turning from a utility tool into that and a dev environment and it's not quite sure how to deal with it. I'm particularly thinking about how, when you reach a level of complexity, it becomes more desirable to work away from BTT, in some kind of IDE where text editors are better, python, etc extensions can be better managed, npm, gulp are available, etc. It seems to me that if you're looking at backing up the BTT environment you'd probably have to look at some kind of external representation of it and maybe you could look at how one could dev off-line.

Just some random thoughts.