re-import presets without losing changes

I imported GoldenChaos and made lots of changes to those settings.
Now I'd like to import GoldenChaos again to see how it does some things, but I don't want to lose my changes.
So I renamed my presets from GoldenChaos to my last name.
But when I start to import GoldenChaos it says it's going to overwrite my renamed presets.
I assumed it would no longer think that was related to GoldenChaos since I renamed it.
Is there a way for me to import GoldenChaos without losing my customizations?

no this is not possible. You could export your customized preset though, so you can reimport it later.

I tried this (for non-gaming preset) and it doesn't seem to work. Here's post with steps. I must be missing something.