Previous/Next song actions for Now Playing Widget

It would be great if the user could add additional actions triggered by desired gestures to the now playing widget beyond just play and pause. Specifically I want to be able to use the previous/next actions depending on the gesture, but currently it seems like the widget can only support two actions by also using the long press action. I think it would be neat to be able to allow double/tripple taps for next/previous, or double tap/long press for next/previous but I could also imagine that 2/3 finger taps would be nice as well. Currently I work around this with a custom button that just does next/previous actions but I think it would be powerful to allow widgets to be configurable for multiple gesture dependent actions.

you can make double tap buttons, youll have to search the forum for it. My preset, [v0.0.1] Future Preset - A clean, simple Touch Bar preset for your Mac! uses double tap to go to the next song.