Please consider adding more gestures for magic mouse

I am a Java programmer and a true fan of BTT.
Magic mouse gestures help me a lot, I set TipTap Left/Right to navigating between previous/next edit point, 1 Finger Tap Left/Right to jumping to a variable's declaration/a interface's implementation, and Pinch Out to find in path.
However, the most handful gestures of two fingers seem to be never updated.
Please consider adding custom magic mouse gestures, or at least, 1 Finger Sweep Up/Right(while Another Finger Fix) gestures. That would help me(maybe somebody like me) a lot.

I too would find value in two new 2-finger gestures.

Being able to fix one finger and scroll the other would be great. I envision using it to cue the application switcher or cycling between open windows within an app

If this can be made to work without triggering default macOS single finger scrolling, it would indeed be very cool to have.

I suggested adding single-finger double taps for mouse and trackpad quite a while ago, I think those would be very useful as well: