Single-finger double tap gestures for Magic Mouse and trackpad

Double taps are available for two and three fingers on the Magic Mouse and two/three/four fingers on the trackpad, but not for one finger. Is there a technical reason for this? Otherwise, "single-finger double tap" gestures would be very useful—like the existing "single-finger tap" gestures (right/middle/left for Magic Mouse etc.), just double. ;-]

Other people also seem to be wanting this:

Why is there no reply to this? I too want a single double-tap. I could have sworn there used to be one. I want to use it to "roll up" windows with WindowMizer, ala Windowshade from back in the day.

@Andreas_Hegenberg: Is there a technical reason why we don't have these simple and rather obvious gestures? If not, any chance you could implement them?

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