Option for left or right-docked button groups to open in the scrollable container instead of the whole touch bar

The behavior in my preset for the app switcher and emoji widgets currently involves a performance-hungry workaround with tons of duplicate widgets to give the illusion that only the scrollable container's contents are changing. However, supporting this natively with left and right-aligned button groups would eliminate all of that duplicate code and make the preset a lot easier to maintain.

Example of how the behavior works:

The normal state of the touch bar contains a scrollable container populated with various app widgets.

When the user taps the Emoji symbol, it toggles the appearance of a button group, but only in the scrollable container. When the user completes an action in the widget, or taps the Emoji button again, the button group closes.

Just saw this.

And it's even worse on mine, as I have TONS of groups per-app which all need the right side 'control strip'. (some 60+ I would guess). Updating the functionality for all of them could drive you borderline insane.

I think however, as linked, an "always show everywhere" option would be better and easier to use.

Though then there's the problem of how to update the look of the pressed button to highlight that it's pressed and showing. Ideas?

One idea:
this is pretty crazy but maybe per-button conditional activation groups would work :confused:

or maybe introduce something like Tumult Hype's persistent symbols, where for every instance of a symbol only one true copy is referenced. Editing one also edits every instance. It won't migitate the painful copy-pasting but it'll probably reduce load stress

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@Andreas_Hegenberg, is this something that could even be possible?

As more and more presets are expanded, I feel BTT will start draining a lot of battery/power. I’ve noticed @GoldenChaos’ present has become a little slower to use as time has gone by. I only imagine, this is due to all the different scripts/buttons loading.

Ooh boy! Thank you so much! Sidebar I know, but I’ve been trying to find a program like this for some time.

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New solution just implemented by Andreas. Read the thread and try it out!

And now it's implemented in the latest experimental versions! Super fast and energy efficient. Still has some kinks to work out though, so I don't recommend normal users try it just yet.

* many kinks.........