Open link in specific browser

How can I use BTT to open a link (in an email, etc) in a specific browser (not my default one)?

You can use the apple script action:

tell application "Google Chrome"
	open location ""
end tell

Thanks Andreas, but how would this work in action? ie. when there's a link in an email, how when I click it can I choose what browser to open it in?

My default browser is Chrome, but sometimes I'd like to open the link in Safari or Firefox. Wondered if there's a way I can set BTT to add a contextual menu on right click of the link, or a certain way of clicking that makes the link open in either browser

Ah sorry, I misunderstood.
I don't think what you want can be done with BTT (maybe with a system service)

sorry for the huge delay in reply! I'd like to use the above script, but to open the application in incognito mode. The browser is Opera, and the short cut for this is normally shift command N. Thanks

Answering the original question - I just tested this in Safari and to force links to open in Chrome - works for me on MacOS 11.5 and BetterTouchTool 3.570.

  • Pick a trackpad trigger.

  • Assign the "Trigger Context Menu Item" action. In the text box, specify that you want it to "Copy Link Address" to put put the link on the clipboard.

  • Under the pulldown menu where you've selected "Trigger Context Menu Item", click "Add Additional Action"

  • For the second action, select the "OpenURL with Browser" action. In the text block where you specify the URL to open, specify %@ and then choose the browser you want from the menu lower in this screen. Click save.


Very helpful, thank you very much!