open link on double click

Hi there, I am trying to setup a 2 finger click on chrome to open the link in my default browser (which is Finicky). Finicky helps then identify which browser profile the app should be opened in.
Now I cant seem to figure out how to get this done. I followed the suggestion here Open link in specific browser - #6 by folitian but it does not call my default browser (finicky). Can someone tell me how I can get this done?


The issue here is that BetterTouchTool doesn't recognize Finicky as a browser, so you can't force the selection. That said - the default browser setting for the OS should make it open with Finicky - not sure why this isn't working for you.

The other thing you can try - if you can figure out how to launch Finicky from the command line/ and pass it a URL, you can use the Shell Script or AppleScript triggers to get to the intended behavior. Post here if you figure that part out, and I'll help you with the BTT configuration.

Also - it might take a little trial and error to move your config file over from Finicky to BTT - but it looks like the functionality you want is built in - section 5 in the link below sounds like what you're trying to do.