New BTT Remote - Plans?

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I saw in a thread somewhere you mentioned that you’re working on a new version of the BTT remote that uses web technologies and could be browser based. Is there a place we can offer feedback about that or discuss what you might be planning?

I am tired of the Alfred remote and I’d love to move away from it. I’d love to be able to replace it with the BTT remote so I’ve got some ideas.

As always, thanks for a killer product.

custom iPad streamdeck!

I have already started working on the new BTT Remote. However it's not yet in a state to discuss, real development will probably start end of June.

You can already do things like a "custom iPad streamdeck" by putting a simple custom HTML file in

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/BTTWebServer
and using the BTT webserver to trigger whatever action you like:

However the new BTT Remote will simplify this a lot :slight_smile:

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