New BTT Remote - Development Thread

I'm starting this development thread as I'm now at a point where I have created all of the necessary base work for the new BTT Remote Control app for iOS (need to come up with a better name for it). Also I finally have a first working version that includes the most important features.

If you can think of any features you'd like in a BTT companion app for iOS, please let me know here.

Quick BTT Remote history:
11 years ago I created the first BTT Remote companion app for BetterTouchTool. Back then I used it mainly as a media control for my iMac, allowing me to start & control movies, music etc.. It included basic trackpad functionality, media buttons and a way to access an app's menu bar on the iPhone. However adding custom actions was only possible in a non-styleable list view.

BTT Remote is still functional, but I haven't updated it since > 6 years. I started multiple attempts to create a more customizable BTT Remote, but until now they did come to nothing.

While some people liked the "remote control" functionality of BTT Remote, I often got feedback that something more like an "add-on" / external Touch Bar would be great - and I agree. Luckily with the addition of the floating menu feature in BTT, the base for a completely new BTT Remote has finally been created.

Quick overview about what will come in the new BTT Remote app:

  • It's still a free companion app for BetterTouchTool
  • It will get a new name - any ideas welcome :wink:
  • App Store release is planned for February or March - Testflight beta will start end of January
  • It will require iOS 17 (I know this sucks because it means old devices can't be used, but I need the latest advances in Apple's SwiftUI)
  • It will support iPhones, iPads and the new Apple Vision Pro
  • It will be able to render dynamic, customizable menus. Everything that can be achieved with the "floating menu" feature in BTT, will also be possible in the BTT Remote 2 app. You can also render your existing floating menus in BTT Remote 2.
  • Every feature improvement for the floating menu feature will also be available in the new BTT Remote app.
  • These menu's can be app specific as well
  • The old BTT Remote app will stay available in the App Store for now. The new BTT Remote will be a separate app.
  • The old BTT Remote functionality (Trackpad, File Browser, Menubar Access etc.) will also be available in the new BTT Remote but it will be moved to a sub-menu.

I will soon post some screenshots/videos of what is already possible with my current development version. If you want to join the Testflight beta (as soon as it starts), either comment in this thread or send a quick mail to


BTTouch :thinking:

BTouchT (sei berührt) :rofl:

I loved this! Now I can't get it to work often, so excited to see a new version. Happy to be a part of the TF beta.

I'm looking forward to the new app. I use the old app regularly, but it looks completely outdated after so many years. That's why I can't wait to get the new app. I would like to test the BetaApp. I hope to receive an invitation code for TestFlight. Thanks so much

I’d be glad to try the beta when it’s ready.

there have been a few important points raised by the first testers, which I’m currently fixing. Once that is done I will make the testflight public :slight_smile:

Next week should be pretty productive.


I have an idea for a new name - BetterRemoteTool. As a disabled person, I'm using both apps very often and I would be grateful if I could test a new version :slight_smile:

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I can't wait to try this remote app. I have been waiting for it for months! :hugs: Will I be able to use my iPad as a stream deck?

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When the testflight becomes publicity available, will you update this thread?
I am looking forward to it!

Hi Andreas, I'd love to test the app if you need more testers :blush:

I will post the public testflight link here once it's available and also notify everybody who contacted me via e-mail. Currently still struggling with some Apple framework but that should hopefully be resolved soonish.

@emm_gr yes, it will work great on iPads and allow completely dynamic layouts. Even on the Vision Pro it will be pretty cool. However as this is supposed to last for the next years and I don't want to rely on any "old tech", BTT Remote will require iOS 17.


I'm excited to try the Vision Pro version! I have used BTT for years and years, big help for my low vision.

For the name, what about Beyond Touch ?


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Not bad, but I like BeTouchT better :innocent:

and better stream touch or better stream deck :joy:
BTW im still very impatient to try it out, cant wait to set all my shortcut for blender on the ipad

"Remote Touch"?

Looking forward to this. I'm stuck on a touchbar MBP because I have so many BTT functions built into the touchbar. The current BTT Remote isn't functional for me because of the reliance on wifi, which doesn't work on many of the networks at sites I work at. If the new BTT Remote works over Bluetooth or USB, that would be fantastic!

it works over wifi and usb, but you don‘t need to be connected to any wifi. It uses a wifi-direct connection. You can even be in separate wifis on Mac and iPhone/iPad and it will still work (by creating a separate direct wifi channel between iPhone and Mac while still keeping the connection to your other wifis. So it will also work in enterprise setups :slight_smile:

I have made very good progress, but still need a bit longer for the first public testflight. Definitely sometime in April though.


upvote for support for Apple Vision Pro

hey andrea,
still planing for a public release in april ?