New BTT Remote - Development Thread

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Quick status update: unfortunately I'm still not completely ready for a public testflight release, but it's getting much closer.

After I released to some very first testers, it became clear that people are using this to build huge menus (look at or at the stuff @Max_Megalon has been building). I didn't fully anticipate this and had to update some parts of the architecture to allow for performant transfer of these big menus (especially because they can be really dynamic and anything can update at any time).

I have now mostly finished the architecture change and am now starting to validate it with some very big menus.


Thanks for the update Andreas, I'm already glad that I got it to work at all, now if you succeed to improve the performance that is only great!

My main thing atm is that the Streamdeck software spontaneously quits several times a day, for no apparent reason. It happens both with the previous version and the latest version (6.6.0). Fortunately, Streamdeck comes back by itself most often and works fine then. I feel like the Streamdeck software doesn't like the integration with BTT so much. Or at least, my specific BTT configuration with two Streamdecks and the large Floating menu.

you are probably using stream deck with BTT in "plugin mode" - unfortunately there is no way to fix this due to a missing function in the Stream Deck SDK (I asked for that function quite a while ago )

So the only way to restore connectivity with the Stream Deck software is to restart it in some situations ;-(

Yes I am indeed using stream deck with BTT in "plugin mode". But I'd rather live with the spontaneous restarts than having to reprogram 70+ Stream deck buttons. Let's hope for a solution from the Stream deck people someday.

A couple of days ago, my mouse ran out of charge and I used my phone as a trackpad thanks to BTT remote. I love this feature!!! Life saving.

I am hoping it makes its way to the new version. I would also love it to have a dedicated "trackpad" mode, where there's no clutter other than a close button in the corner to go back to the main menu. I find the swiping interaction to go between modes a bit annoying.

I also wish there'd be more gestures available for the trackpad mode, long press could mimic force clicks.

I can't stop thanking you for the amazing app! Thank you!

yes trackpad is available in the new version and it has it's own view without anything. In general the new app will be quite minimalistic but of course you can go crazy with floating menus.

However adding more gestures to it is quite complicated because they very quickly conflict with iOS system gestures.


Can't wait to try it! :melting_face:

I like it when you write "minimalistic"! :slight_smile: The normal BTT could be improved in UI and UX a bit. As a newbie I was fighting like hell at the beginning. I think for new users the barrier can be very (form my point of view: too) high. You want them to dive deeper, to acknowledge the possibilities inside of these amazing app, right? :slight_smile:

Minimalistic works on the iOS app side where there is not much configuration needed as everything has been setup on the desktop. However on the desktop side it's hard. Especially with things like the floating menus people do all sort of obscure stuff, and while I initially also thought it would be enough to give an easy mode where people can just add items and change basic properties, that was really not the case. There is always something special that requires at least some of the advanced features.

Very excited about this, hopefully it's getting close to public!