New BetterTouchTool UI Progress


The new "Display Order" field is for exactly that! Default is 0, items are ordered from left to right regardless of position on the Touch Bar, exactly what you're describing. It's been super useful :smiley:


Dayum, I'd completely missed that field. How does it work, then? Say I've got 4 widgets pinned to the right (in my case, volume mute, connect airpods, weather and clock). What I want is to add a variable number of widgets to the left of that set (but still pinned right), depending on which app is frontmost. I can't see how to set up the numbering, unless I do something like 0-99 on the left, 100-199 for the scrollable stuff and 200-299 for the right hand set, and leave plenty of gaps.


yup a numbering like that should work


when will the new UI be released? Or can it already be activated?


No final release date yet, I'm very actively working on it but it's quite a bit of work to port all the functionality to the new UI :slight_smile: (Sometimes I forget how many things BTT can do :-))

The Touch Bar related part is pretty much finished, so I'll probably release that in an alpha soon.


Any news regarding the appearance of the new UI?



Also, Could we have customisable columns for the list view, since I'm guessing you're using the 'new technologies'?

This will be similar to iTunes, where you can right click the column name to show and hide columns, and sort by them. (Nevermind sorting, as it'll mess up our layout order)

I'd also like a "Last Edited" column, e.g. if I change the Colour, that column will fill with colour wells for each trigger, and then if I change the Display Order, It will replace all the colour wells with a textbox for the display order.

This just makes batch editing easier, one step less as we won't need to click the trigger then move to the inspector panel :wink:


And something I'd badly need, a possibility to select multiple items at a time in order to move or paste them :pray:


Multi select is definitely one of the most important features. It even allows to edit common properties when selecting multiple.

Customizable columns should also be doable but I now need to hurry up and get the basics finished. Unfortunately I was blocked for a while by some high prio freelance work that came in. (being an independent software dev ia great, but sometimes I need to take contract work offers if they are really good)


sounds fantastic. I would like to have the new UI right away. Release date?


Hey Andreas, it's been a long time since we've had an update! Do you have any news or an ETA? I've been basically checking the BTT updater every day hoping for the new UI to show up :grimacing:


I finished all my freelance projects a week ago (I don't plan do do any other freelance work in 2019 :-)) and am currently working all day on the new UI. It's now already very usable, however I want to add some more stuff before the first release because otherwise I'll just get so many "why doesn't this work yet" questions.

I hope to have an alpha by the end of next week though :slight_smile:


Wooo! Awesome!!


it's really more work to migrate everything than I expected (who thought BTT had so many different triggers & actions & settings :-))

However it's definitely worth it. This makes BTT so much more flexible and I'll be able to iterate much faster for future functionality.


Keep pushing on! :smiley:


Keep up the hard work! So looking forward to this coming online. I'll be one of your first buyers for sure. Can't wait to get my hands on this new version. Will you be sending a notice via email to everyone once it's available?


mh It will just be a normal update. For the first few months the old ui and the new one will both be available in the app.

Current state before first alpha:

Configuration sidebars:
Predefined Actions: 100%
App Specific Configuration: 100%
Touch Bar support: 95% done
Trackpad support: 100% done
Magic Mouse support: 100% done
Keyboard shortcuts: 100% done
Key Sequences: 50% done
Drawings: 50% done
Siri Remote 50% done
BTT Remote: 80% done

General UI:

  • sidebar ui generation & logic via a json like format: 100% (this makes the new UI extremely flexible and will allow custom plugins in the future). This was the most complex part to implement. Previously the BTT ui was static and consisted of hundreds of files, so changes were tedious. With the new UI everything is composed via little building blocks, and if I improve one of them the improvements will be available everywhere automatically )
  • multi selection support: 100%
  • simultaneous edtiting of multiple triggers: 100%
  • localization support: 100% (but no translations yet, German will follow in 1-2 weeks, other languages will be integrated as soon as possible)
  • drag and drop: 100%
  • multi window support : 100%
  • column based layout: 100%
  • list based layout: 80%
  • icons & graphics: 30% (they'll probably be improved over the coming weeks)
  • dark mode support: 40%
  • pre Mojave support: 0%

I think even if I won't have everything finished until Wednesday, I'll upload a preview then. Had to leave munich for the weekend, otherwise I would have uploaded it already.


I have just uploaded a first preview (alpha v2.727).

There are still many things missing, some random crashes, some bugs and some slowness due to many debug logs :slight_smile:

Main things that are still missing and will be added during the next week:

  • The actual BTT app settings (they will be in a separate window ).
  • The current classic style "list mode" is just a proof of concept, it does not yet support drag & drop or adding new triggers.
  • Many icons are still ugly / broken
  • The menubar is currently very basic and random
  • The help menu does not contain much content yet
  • Work on Dark Mode UI just started
  • The configuration side bar will be detachable in the future

There will be many improvements to the UI over the next 1-2 weeks, as I have finished the whole "backend-logic" now. So really just take this as a preview :wink:


Thank you for the preview :slight_smile: unfortunately it is crashing instantly when choosing "NEW Preferences"


Ah yes I expect many crashes :smiley:
These are still very helpful to me. If possible it would be great if you'd send me any crashlogs you can find to (they can be viewed in the macOS console app under "user reports").