New BetterTouchTool UI Progress


The new "Display Order" field is for exactly that! Default is 0, items are ordered from left to right regardless of position on the Touch Bar, exactly what you're describing. It's been super useful :smiley:


Dayum, I'd completely missed that field. How does it work, then? Say I've got 4 widgets pinned to the right (in my case, volume mute, connect airpods, weather and clock). What I want is to add a variable number of widgets to the left of that set (but still pinned right), depending on which app is frontmost. I can't see how to set up the numbering, unless I do something like 0-99 on the left, 100-199 for the scrollable stuff and 200-299 for the right hand set, and leave plenty of gaps.


yup a numbering like that should work


when will the new UI be released? Or can it already be activated?


No final release date yet, I'm very actively working on it but it's quite a bit of work to port all the functionality to the new UI :slight_smile: (Sometimes I forget how many things BTT can do :-))

The Touch Bar related part is pretty much finished, so I'll probably release that in an alpha soon.