New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

I would love to see filters, sorting, and searching. Sometimes it is hard to find the shortcuts / actions.

Also easy way to sharing actions with the community would be great. "workflows"


Just like to add, since I did not see mention of it in the thread, but please allow translucency to be turned off, it drives me crazy... :slight_smile:


Yes, translucency will definitely be optional :slight_smile:


is there a beta o alpha already available

No, too early for that. I think there should be one in about 4 weeks.

Do you have plans for browsing community triggers in the app? It would be nice to be able to see other users triggers and widgets for the selected app or condition (if marked public) within the app.

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I am still using OS X El Capitan (10.11.6) and do not have any plans to "upgrade" to Sierra or Mojave; will BTT retain legacy support with future updates? Or is there a point when I should refrain from updating BTT?

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The legacy UI will continue to work for probably a year or so, but you will definitely be notified about problematic updates in the future. So no need to worry.

However in general I would STRONGLY recommend to update to Mojave. 10.11.6 has some super super bad security issues (I have reported some of them myself). Mojave has improved a lot security wise. (Just one example: on 10.11.x every app you run, can steal all your passwords without any further permissions)

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Shortcuts to switch between the input methods, I'll end up using BTT Trackpad shortcuts in BTT :roll_eyes: But ok! I personally would really prefer a tab system, but this is up to @Andreas_Hegenberg!

Design looks good so far! I can't say anything regarding usability without having touched it at least once, but I'll definitively give a feedback once the test version is available!
I might move a bit closer to the macOS Finder Design in some points (change the frame around the app in the left column for a pronounced background, a bit like in Finder windows). But this is pure individual taste, and we can discuss endlessly about taste :smiley:

The background of the selected "Action Assigned to Selected Trigger" depends on the system color, or will it be this orangish for everybody?

Also - darkmode compatibility y/n?
Independent on my personal use, this was one of the major features of 10.14, so I think it is important to integrate it to your program, especially since a major update of BetterTouchTool is done.

Last but not least - thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg. BTT is literally the first program I install when I setup a new system, it really changes the way I work! In my eyes it's one of the, if not the, must have Tool for every Mac/Computer!

When would it be possible to change the native BTT icon in the control strip? I know this has been requested many times before, and back in June I remember you saying it was almost ready. Hopefully this feature can be added along with the new UI, thanks in advance

Quick Update:
The first alpha of the new UI will probably be available by the end of next week :slight_smile: (First version will be Mojave only and light-mode only, support for 10.13 and dark mode will follow)

It's still far away from being completed, but the main functionality is working and I will be able to spend the rest of the year to improve the look & feel before the final release.


Those files refer to two different icons (neither of which involves the control strip), any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

please use a different thread, this has nothing to do with the new UI progress.


Quick request:
Could we have ⌘↓ and ⌘↑ to reorder selected trigger down/up? Drag’n’drop is getting kind of tedious...

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Yup, sounds useful! :slight_smile:


Will the new UI have the option to choose a specific device? I know it already has the dropdown for the devices, but I'm afraid that it will just be a generic "Trackpad" that groups the functions for all connected trackpads instead of separating them as Magic Trackpad 1 and Magic Trackpad 2. The reason for this request on my wishlist is because I'd like to adjust my different trackpads for different functions within an application. So I would program them entirely different within a program. Maybe there is already a way to do this and I don't know it?

Other than that, keep up the good work! I look forward to testing the beta and investing in the final product :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be similar like in the current version:

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Excellent! Thanks so much Andreas. Couldn't find it buried in there. Looking forward to trying the new version. Is the beta version coming out soon?

its end of next week (:-))) I am pretty anxious (:-))

I'm sorry, some things took way longer than anticipated.
It will take one more week for the first version to come out.

(I'll release an alpha tomorrow which will contain the current state, but it is still too buggy to use)

here a quick video: