Name screenshot using clipboard contents or other options

Hi this is my first post, I thought this would be something that could be useful, is it possible to name screenshots in "Capture Screenshot (configurable)" using clipboard contents or the window title or any other options.

Currently you can use {datetime} in the file name section to get the date time, is it possible to have it use other options in the curly brackets? I currently have a short apple script that gets the name of the safari tab title, and I have about 7 actions that basically open the screenshot in preview and than sends multiple keyboard shortcuts and then inputs 1st item from clipboard in order to rename, but due to delays and other things it sometimes does not work.

It would be nice if instead if we could chose options in the configurable capture screenshot action file name section using curly brackets. For example maybe {windowtitle} would name the screenshot the name of the window title or {clipboard_item_1) would use the content from the 1st clipboard item to name the screenshot. Just a suggestion of something that I feel could be useful.

I just want to say I have used BTT from the beginning I was an avid donator in the beginning and now purchase the memberships becasue I thing your product is amazing and a time saver. You do amazing work and thanks for that hard work.

Just script it. After the action that takes a screenshot has saved the file, use a follow-on action to rename the file from the previous one.