Move Window One Space/Desktop - OS Catalina

Hi. I used Move Window One Space/Desktop action via trackpad gesture with no issues in Mojave, but now, since updating to Catalina it doesn't seem to work all that well. It triggers on the BTT configuration window for example, or in a Chrome window, but in the native os apps, MS office windows, Spotify, it just does nothing. Could it be something on my end?

See macOS Catalina 10.15 - Compatibility Issues & Discussions

There will be an update later today to make the config easier

Thanks for the quick reply. That solution worked great.

I cannot get this to work at all. I just was updated to 10.15.4, but it was not working previously. Am I holding it wrong, my config:

If I pull up about this mac in a space and I hit cmd+shift+arrow it moves the dialog but it will never move a window that is currently full screen in a space. What I'm trying to do is move it a space to the right or left without having to drag them.

This action can only move normal windows, spaces / full screen windows can not be moved with this.

Hi, I'm still having these problems. I tried resetting the permissions using the command line, with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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have you tried giving the screen recording permissions to BTT?

I didn't realize that I hadn't upgraded to the latest version of BTT. Sorry for the bother. Fixed now. Thank you!