Mouse Cursor Lag (normal mouse only)

Hardware: M1 MacBook Air
Software: Latest stable MacOS and BTT (bug has been present since I started using BTT three weeks ago)

When I use a normal mouse the mouse cursor can become very laggy (unusable from time-to-time). It happens even when just moving the cursor across the screen while the computer is idle (not dragging any windows around or anything).

The issue is not present with BTT turned off or when using BTT with the built-in track pad.

I've tried "priority helper" but it didn't help. Window snapping is disabled globally.

ah I see you already created a separate issue.

This sounds pretty weird as BTT should affect all input devices the same. Are you sure it doesn’t happen if you quit BTT and that it doesn’t happen with the trackpad?

Do you have any mouse / keyboard related apps that could conflict with BTT?

I'm sure that it doesn't happen with trackpad because that's what I switch too when the mouse becomes too laggy. I'm not using any other mouse or keyboard related apps. I've never encountered any lags with BTT turned off but then again I've used BTT for three weeks and only turned it off for maybe 1h in total. I'll keep it turned off for the rest of the day (it usually becomes unusable multiple times a day for a few minutes) and report back tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far!

are you using a wireless mouse?

I've also had similar issues with my mouse lagging. I use a wireless mouse.

Yup, so the data is in and lo and behold the issue also happened without BTT. I guess I was fooled by a couple of times when it stopped after I had turned BTT off. And yes @Andreas_Hegenberg you guessed right, I am using a wireless mouse. The receiver was in a USB hub that was also powering the Macbook. I plugged it into a different hub now and don't have any problems anymore. Sorry for wasting your time with this issue!

At least I'd like to take this opportunity to say that BTT is awesome. Without it I probably would have sent back my MacBook. I had been a Windows and Ubuntu user before and the stock MacOS UI was a severe downgrade. Good that BTT exists. Just bought the license.

I have heard that the next macos update (will be released next week) fixes issues with wireless mice. Let’s hope this also helps in your case!