Minimalist: A clean and intuitive touchbar preset



What about double tap with 1 finger.. or... swipe left with one finger. :slight_smile:

Anything to allow us to move back.. just an idea anyway. Not sure of the best implementation.


Hey, thank you for the amazing setup, it is pleasure to use it.

I would have a quick question, why did you specify Do not disturb and true tone as the scripts? Are the simple buttons not enough?


Right now BTT seem to only allow single tap and long press for any triggers so yeah. Would have to see the swipe command though!


Hey Jendker! Right now there's 2 ways to trigger Do Not Disturb – (1) Open the notification centre, scroll down and turn on; (2) option click the notification centre icon (I just found out about this yesterday).
For True Tone (2018 MBPs only), the only way to turn it on/off is to go to System Preferences > Displays.

I added triggers on the Touchbar so that if uses like a one-touch button, they can trigger them just by holding option and tapping on the Touchbar, instead of using the trackpad.

Glad you enjoyed the setup! If there's any more feedback feel free to me know! :slight_smile:


Yes yes, I meant there is already BTT button for Do Not Disturb and True Tones, so I didn't understand why to make also script for it, what is it for? To change to icon when the option is turned on? It does not seem to work on my end.

And what about the Night Shift, are you going to add a button for it as well? :slight_smile: I was trying to add it by myself, but I had problem with the icon, it had the background and icon didn't turn white. Do I need to get icon with alpha to make it work as you got it?


Ah yes, scripts was because they will toggle the icon in another color. It works on my end though. Not sure why..

As for Night Shift, I'll add that in the next update! Didn't add it in initially because I actually do not use it since True Tone was introduced.

Icon is here: ControlStrip-NightShift


Perfect, thank you!

I have German version on Mac OS, maybe this is why the script always returns false, I will check it later.



SPARK Support has broken since the latest spark update.



NEVERMIND! It's working again after restart.


Anyone else has problems with Do Not Disturb toggle not showing current state on Mojave? It's always off for me.

I've managed to make it work by changing string "Center" to "Centre". So it may be depended on System Language settings.

Here's also maybe a bit more readable version

tell application "System Events"
  set ncMenu to menu bar 1 of application process "SystemUIServer"
  set ncItem to menu bar item 1 of ncMenu
  set ncTitle to title of ncItem
  set ncTitleEnabled to "Notification Centre"
  set ncTitleDisabled to "Notification Centre, Do Not Disturb enabled"
  if (ncTitle = ncTitleEnabled) then
    return true
    return false
  end if
end tell


Wow thanks a lot @chodorowicz! My whole BTT has been really buggy since updating to Mojave. I'll add your script to the next update!


Cool :slight_smile: But just as I wrote, I'm not sure if this Centre/Center thing is something new in Mojave or maybe it changes depending on region settings. "Centre" is British spelling, "Center" American.
And if you're having problems with Mojave make sure you have latest version of BTT. For some reason mine was not auto updating, I had to download the latest version manually.


That's interesting! Yeah I've updated mine to the latest version and even the Alpha but BTT still doesn't show on wake from sleep, even occasionally hangs my login screen. Waiting for Creator to fix it in his next update!


Im having an issue when true tone is showing. Its causing System Preferences to bug out. It brings System Preferences up to run in the background, jumping up and down in the dock, but you cant open it up at all. it kicks you out. In "Force Quit" you can see it popping in and out like like its closing and restarting constantly.

EDIT: I realized that it was happening 24/7 because i put it on the main bar (not needing a modifier to bring it up). I set it back to a modifier and the issue isnt there until you bring it back up with the modifier. Once you release the modifier to stop showing the True Tone button the issue then goes away with it. For now, im going to hide it in a folder with some other system info i have set up cuz i try to not use a modifier for the touch bar (it behaves the same way as if its a modifier, only wigs out when you see true tone on the touch bar)


Hi! I realised after making the script for True Tone toggle that it will actually cause System Preferences to run in the background. If this is a problem for you, do remove the script.

Currently, I still can't find a good script to return the status of True Tone. In the next update (after BTT gets more stable on Mojave), I'll remove the script for True Tone.

Sorry for any inconvenience though! But hope you found the preset useful overall :slight_smile:


I did and will definitely keep the true tone script for now, just need to have it not sit on the main bar (which is probably for the best anyways since im not using it daily). Every now and then i do some texturing work so i need to disable True Tone and its handy to have a button letting me know if its on or not.

ill keep my eyes peeled at any future releases to see if it gets resolved. overall solid preset though


Hey, great tool! really enjoyed it sofar. Customized it a little and now I'm wondering whether it's possible to add auto sidescrolling to the title of spotify/youtube widgets?


Hi! Just installed the app and this preset and I am having a few problems. I imported the presets directly in the app and by default I have to turn on "icon only, no text" for every icon. The Youtube/Spotify scripts are blocked and not working and the dividers show the icon on default. I also had to set the time manually. I am doing something wrong?


Hi! I tried downloading the Minimalist preset and imported it into my BTT and there was no problems. Are you running on the latest version of BTT?

I currently on the Alpha version.


Hi it's great you're enjoying this preset! Side-scrolling is smth I would like too but so far the scripts are only able to return a "value".. but I'll keep my eyes open to see if creators here come out with script that allow side-scrolling.