Minimalist: A clean and intuitive touchbar preset (Catalina update)

Hey Andreas,

Updated a new version here which is a pretty stable version. Checked through most of the scripts and taps - they are working well.

Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks for this!

Looking forward to checking it out...

When I import the preset however it's empty which is strange...

There are no scripts...

Hmm it works on my end. Have you upgraded to the latest version of BTT? 2.605.


No I believe I'm still on 2.530 I will update as soon as I'm home...

Perhaps that's the problem?



I will let you know any issues and give you any feedback!

Great work/support as always!



Some initial feedback:


  • When holding command for emoji bar when in finder window there’s some glitching where the emojis intersect with the ‘move’ ‘show hidden files’ and ‘delete’ buttons.

  • Also the time is to the left of these icons when this occurs.. is this intentional? Best to keep the time to the right hand side permanently.

  • Time should be set to ‘System Time Zone’ by default for new installs.


  • Either have the time divider when no button pressed or don’t have it at all. Seems counter-intuitive for the time divider to appear only when command option or control is pressed.

  • Emojis could be a little bigger potentially with more padding.

  • Is there a way to provide size/padding settings to all buttons at once? I keep having to increase this every update, they’re slightly too small for my tastes (I have fat fingers:).


Holding the 'new email' button could open compose a new email?

Or just have that functionality permanently.

P.S. REALLY Nice that you changed the resolution when changing the volume!

Hey JTL!

Regarding bugs:

  • Fixed the emoji bar to work in all apps and removed the glitching by shortening the length.
  • Time widget is already marked to kept on the right at all times. Should work fine now I hope.
  • Set Time to 'System Time Zone', thanks for the heads up!

Regarding design:

  • Made it always to have the time divider.
  • Can't do that for emojis, i'm afraid it's limited by the emoji widget created internally
  • I've changed the padding size to be much bigger in the Lightweight preset, check it out! But idt there is a setting to change it for all.

About the 'new email' function for Spark, I'm afraid I'm not sure how to do that. Sorry man.

Hope this update solves some of the issues you faced earlier!



The clock still shifts to the left when holding command in finder.

Everything else looks great so far!



Hey JTL,

Can you check if your settings are as shown here:

Because on my end, holding command in finder still sees the Time on the right:

So yeah, not too sure why the problem persists.

I don't get get it either... using lightweight.

Settings are the same as yours..

Must be something to do with the 'finder' settings.. ?


Hmm.. I checked again and it is working on mine I can't figure out what is going on.
Try this and see if the problem still persists.

Also, check if this is what you see:

It's all good man, I just disabled the clock when in Finder and pushing Command. I don't really need it then anyway.


Allow 4 finger swipe on touch bar to increase/decrease keyboard brightness.

So 2 finger: volume, 3: screen brightness, 4: keyboard brightness.

Could be cool?


Thanks gain,


Hey JTL!

Updated version 2.1 with your recommended suggestion! Changed some icons and added Do Not Disturb toggle.


Updated with Version 2.2.

Now has True Tone activation light support and shortcut to Downloads folder!

Thank you very much for sharing your setup! I really like the minimalistic approach. With a little customization, I am using it!

One question: Is it possible to change the clock into 24h?

Yes it's possible, change the format to kk:mm

So fast, so helpful ! Thank you !

If possible it would be great to tap the 'now playing' track with 2 fingers and have it start from the beginning of the track or if tapped again move back a track. Currently can only move forward..

That sounds like a great idea but I don't think BTT supports two finger tapping on a button? @Andreas_Hegenberg could let us know!

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