Menu Bar: Battery Widget

Since @Andreas_Hegenberg released the new Menu Bar Widgets, I thought I could bring back the battery information from the good old times!
The widget will display

  1. the current battery percentage in the first line, and in the second
  2. the time left until lockdown (since that did disappear from the native battery context for any reason).

If your computer is charging you'll see the time left 'till full (if charging - this information remained in the native dropdown for any reason).

Download Battery Widget Preset

A simple click on it will bring up a simple (self explaining) context menu:
A right click will fire up coconutBattery if it's quit, otherwise it will quit the program, so you can check on your battery stats by right clicking the widget, and close that information by right clicking it again, without moving the mouse.

I thought this to run complementary to what macOS offers, so it's thought to be placed next to the macOS battery indicator where you can disable the "Show Percentage" option (click on the macOS battery icon).


I get already used triggers are being imported - that can cause trouble

I think this can happen if you already have triggers called "Console"/"Force Quit..."/....

so what can I do?

If you still can import the Preset, do so. Then find these triggers:

Rename the named triggers into something you did not use yet.
Then copy-paste the name of the items into the custom context menu of the Menubar item.

Or, if you know which of these triggers is already in you Presets, you could delete it (if it's the same!)
The triggers are the ones you see on the screenshot with the keyboard actions/open app actions.

mind if I use this for my preset?

As long as credits are given, that's what this forum is there for :man_shrugging:t4:

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actually, I decided against it sorry, it takes user input, and I'd rather keep my preset nice and simple...
thanks tho