Managing Modifier based visibility

I'm new to BetterTouchTool (3.04), and a to my 2019 MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

To start with, I'm trying to recreate shortcuts I have used for many years and labelled on my iMac's keyboard. (Perhaps a bit idiosyncratic, but I'm used to them, and thought I'd start there.)

I've got some working, but have one problem.

I have three Touch Bar Buttons, cut, copy and paste.
On pressing shift, cut remains as is, copy switches to screenshot and paste switches to paste time. This works perfectly.
On pressing option, cut remains as is, copy should remain as is, and paste switches to paste date. The problem is that when I press option, copy disappears.

I know this has something to do with the Modifier based visibility (and possibly order), I think I've tried every possible combination, but I haven't solved the problem

Thanks for any tips.

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