Ability to hide buttons with a modifier key

As well as being able to show buttons with a modifier key, I think a useful feature would be the ability to hide buttons using a modifier key.

I have quite a few buttons locked to the left and right of the touch bar that are activated with the option key, leaving a vary small space for the scrollable container in the centre. This isn't a problem for global buttons as the modifier buttons replace the entire touchbar. But when app-specific buttons are being shown, these stay in the centre, leaving the touchbar very cluttered. Being able to hide these when the option key is held would be great.

See screenshots in this Github comment:

I agree this would be really awesome

Ability to easier hide an ESC button on the touchbar via action would be nice too

This feature works correctly for Global application - it hides when modifier key is pressed and no touchbar button is defined for the modifier key. However, for app-specific button this behaviour is different and buttons doesn't hide when modifier key is pressed even if the button was not defined for the modifier button. I consider this rather as a bug.

Love this app... I think I have the same request (but not 100% sure). I have 9 global buttons, and some app specific things. When I go to an app that has its own buttons, the new ones appear next to the global buttons (great). The problem is that when I press 'control' to see another menu of global buttons, the app specific ones show up there as well. I think the default should be just like for the global buttons--the ones that are in the main menu disappear when a modifier is pressed.