Make first action movable when transforming into Multi-Action tigger

When you add an additional action to a single action trigger, the first action remains immovable (i.e., it cannot be reordered across other actions). To overcome this, I've gotten into the habbit of making the first action Null so that I have flexibility with the trigger - not only at the moment I create it, but in the future as well. Otherwise, in situations where I am revising major functionality in my setup (editing a lot of multi-action triggers) it adds a lot of time to configuring things if the first action cannot be easily moved around as I test WIP triggers.

One of the downsides to this is that it becomes much harder to visually distinguish and identify triggers since the first action is null. While only the full action set can tell the full story, it helps to be able to see the first action as it often can be enough to describe what the trigger is about. I do already make heavy use of the Notes section to aid in this manner, but when dealing with hundreds of triggers every bit of visual information helps to make sense of things.

Somewhat related to this is that I call triggers using UUIDs a lot, which means I always preserve my triggers instead of creating new ones (otherwise a new UUID would be created). This is relevant in cases where Copy / Pasting triggers would be the most efficient way to copy things, yet the first action cannot be copied alongside the others.

I did find and older thread from over 2 years ago talking about the same thing, but without the solution I am proposing - which I think is much more desirable and easier to implement. Thus I decided to create a new thread. Hope that's OK.

Thank you.

Took me a moment to understand, but you are probably using list mode, correct?
I think in the column mode you can reorder them.

Ah, yes, I do use list mode. It's good to know that in collumn mode they can be reordered, but I do use list mode exclusively.

This is how my most recent triggers look:

I'll look into that. I'm not using list mode myself very often, but I see that it needs some updates to make the drag & drop behave correctly.

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Awesome thank you :slight_smile:. Sorry to keep you so busy Andreas! But also, be aware that there's more threads incoming!! :sweat_smile:

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thanks for reporting these things! I just fixed the action move for list mode, will be included in the next alpha.

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