Magic Mouse - Pinch in / Pinch out gesture for zoom in or zoom out

Hello every one,

I kindly ask for your help in setting magic mouse gesture (pinch in) to (zoom in).
As the only option i can choose from predefined actions is (smart zoom) but not (zoom in).

Note: in pinch-in? I get the following explanation but I don't know how to perform it

( Pinch In If you want to use this gesture for zooming you can either use the predefined actions zoom in / zoom out, or use custom keyboard shortcuts (cmd + or cmd -). This gesture may need some advanced configuration in order to work properly. Check out the advanced mouse preferences and go to the last tab (other gestures, zoom etc.))

I appreciate your assistance.

Hi almuthana, I have the same question. Have you figured the solution? thanks in advance for your kind reply!

Hi, same request in here.


I like cmd+/- with pinch in/out I just wish I could move he zoom increment from 25 to 10

Hey, everyone. Similar question here.

I used to use the rotary encoder on the logitech craft keyboard. It has an annoying overlay, but the zoom works so much nicer than mapping cmd+/- to some knob: It works in quick view and other odd places and doesn't necessarily have steps like keystrokes do, if your hardware allows it. It zooms where your mouse is not in the middle of the window and so on.

Please add this function if you haven't already.

same here