BTT Magic Mouse pinch

I've setup a "Pinch Out" to trigger "Zoom" (tested with both the "Smart zoom" and just "Zoom").
yet when I am in an active window and pinch out with two fingers on the Magic Mouse no zoom happens.

Perhaps I misunderstand the feature?
I expect to do a "zoom" gesture with the fingers on the mouse (such as on a trackpad or iPhone) to zoom in (pinch out) and zoom out (pinch in).

My questions:

  • is this supposed to work? If so, how?
  • if I get it to work, I can see how I can select a Zoom (which probably means zoom IN). How would I zoom OUT? There seems to be no action to trigger for that.

I think these are related:

I understand thus I can use keyboard shortcut which is a fine thing, but... why is the feature there? What is it supposed to do, if not zoom?

I don't think there is a "zoom" action, where did you see that?

(problem is there is no API for generating the zoom events, there are ways to achieve this via private API, but it's really complicated)

Sorry, I should have pasted the full name: Zoom window under cursor
(And, "Smart Zoom" which usually is a double tap)

ah, the zoom window under cursor action just triggers the macOS „window zoom“ (same as pressing the green window button)

smart zoom is also a macOS feature, e.g. in Safari or Preview