Magic Mouse - Pinch in / Pinch out gesture for zoom in or zoom out

Hello every one,

I kindly ask for your help in setting magic mouse gesture (pinch in) to (zoom in).
As the only option i can choose from predefined actions is (smart zoom) but not (zoom in).

Note: in pinch-in? I get the following explanation but I don't know how to perform it

( Pinch In If you want to use this gesture for zooming you can either use the predefined actions zoom in / zoom out, or use custom keyboard shortcuts (cmd + or cmd -). This gesture may need some advanced configuration in order to work properly. Check out the advanced mouse preferences and go to the last tab (other gestures, zoom etc.))

I appreciate your assistance.

A kind reminder, please

Can anyone please direct me where I can contact the developer directly for my question?

This is currently not possible, you can assign cmd+ and cmd -, but Apple doesn't provide a way to produce the native zoom events.

Thanks for your reply.

How can i perform or assign cmd+ and cmd-

You can assign it in preferences add new button (gesture) then in custom keyboard shortcut you can assign every thing you want.
I, tried to assign cmd+ and cmd- on opt scroll down but it's does not work for me.
I'm on Mojave 10.14.3 and my mouse is Orbit® Trackball with Scroll Ring

hi, how do i assign cmd + ??
since the + sign is in the upper position (have to press shift to activate it) it doesnt seem to be working on the btt configuration ... it keeps putting the = sign (which is the sign below +) please help

EDIT: nevermind i just found out that the zoom in works with cmd = shortcut.

Hello! Is there any changes since Oct' 2018?

Yes, any updates to this??

No still the same Magic Mouse - Pinch in / Pinch out gesture for zoom in or zoom out - #4 by Andreas_Hegenberg

LogiTech seems to be able to get this to work for their mice so maybe there’s a workaround that exists which they’re using to accomplish this?

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