Logitech mouse mapping: clicks with modifier keys

Hi all! I'm going out of my gourd trying to figure this out.

I have the MX Master 3S for Mac and the 15 button + scroll direction options are not enough for me. I'm dying to use them with modifier keys - that would give me a potential of 960 configurable actions!!!!

I found the help article titled "How to make BetterTouchTool recognize your Mouse Buttons" and reassigned all my buttons that aren't recognized in the BTT options.

I then created actions in BTT to define each button. For example in Logi Options I set the top button to ctrl+opt+cmd+6, then in BTT I set Config Notes as "Button 6 - Top", Trigger Name is ctrl+opt+cmd+6, and Assigned Action(s) is ctrl+opt+cmd+6.

I did this because I thought I had seen "Named Triggers" in a menu somewhere, plus I need to be able to use ctrl, opt, and cmd in various combinations with that button to expand number of actions I can configure, and ctrl+opt+cmd+6 + cmd+opt is clearly not something that will work in the same trigger.

Plus I thought that's what the help article was saying to do.

But now I'm stuck. I've scoured the forums but no solutions for this use case. One person did have the same use case like 4 years ago but I don't think they really got an answer.

PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME! I've been using this mouse about 6-9 months with the configurations maxed out and there's so much more I want to configure here.

I'm way more comfortable on the mouse than learning a million hotkeys.

How do I proceed? Thanks for any help!

There's another related thread (here) that may be helpful. There should be full support to Logitech mice anytime soon. You could even ditch the LogiOptions+ app (that for me constantly crashes and has memory issues), meaning that there will be more modifiers and better ones!

Oh man the current logitech software is really annoying. I wonder how they managed to remove so much functionality that has been available in older versions of the Logitech software. I hope to get to the full logitech mouse support soon.

For now I have added an option to 4.429 alpha (uploading now), which might allow to catch the shortcuts send by the logitech app: