List ""last triggered"

@Andreas_Hegenberg As already discussed several times here .... and promised by you ... or let's say, thought by you to be a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:, a list of the last 10 triggered BTT macros would be great. Perhaps a separate section like the "Overview of configured triggers".

If you have set up a lot in BTT and, for example, a shortcut triggers something you can't remember, you have almost no chance of finding and de-activating this macro.

If there was this "last triggered" list, it would simply be the top one. So, if you're bored and really don't know what else you could do, then do this :innocent:

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Yes, this is something I wanted to do for a long time. Good reminder!

I just created a very simple implementation. With 4.421 alpha (uploading now) you should see "Recently Used" in the left sidebar. When clicked it will show all recently used gestures, the most recent ones are shown first for each trigger category.

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Ohh, that's really great. Thank you, Andreas. The triggers (macros) can even be deactivated or edited under "Recently Used". That's really enough. But if you want and if that is possible, a command (maybe in the context menu) like " show original" would be useful to go directly to the "original".

Anyway, that's quite enough for me, thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that might come in the future, I currently don't have a way to jump to specific locations in BTT but it is planned.

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BTT reports a conflict with a shortcut. I know exactly what "scrivenings ein ..." is and it is also displayed under "Recently Used". But not "Shortcut: (null)". I have no idea what that is. When I trigger it via the conflict menu it does nothing and does not appear in the "Recently" menu. It is strange that this menu only appears sometimes. Could this be a bug?


what kind of trigger are you using for the Scivenings ein-/ausschalten?

⌘+s. I have no idea how this conflict arises. There is no "Shortcut: (null)".

if it happens with the latest version (4.427) you can send the log to me (~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/Logs ) then I can at least tell you something about that trigger.

But possibly it won't appear with the new version anymore

In fact, the problem has disappeared with the latest version. Woher du solche Dinge immer weisst ... :slightly_smiling_face:

Kannst mir trozdem bei Gelegenheit das Log schicken, das Problem ist weiterhin da - nur nicht mehr sichtbar. Irgendwas stimmt in der Datenbank vermutlich nicht ganz.


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Just updated to 4.427, but my Recently Used section is not getting populated after using a few actions :confused:. Let me know if you need anything from me to track down the issue.

Super excited for it thought! This will be a game changer.

Mhh, not sure what could cause this. Are you sure it is not updating? If you trigger a trigger that is already listed in there it will just move that trigger to the top of its section and not list it again (no duplicates).

Is it showing >= 100 triggers? (I'm not sure, but maybe I had set a limit in 4.427, if so I already removed that in 4.428 alpha)

I checked just now and it's populated just a few. Not sure why these are the only ones showing up, I am always using a ton of triggers.

I've noticed that it only refreshes if you hop to another back and the back to "Recently Used", so that's not the issue.

Ah you are using the "list" view BTT layout. I'm not using that very often, maybe I missed something in there. Could you check whether it works if you switch to the column based view?

Yes, I've gotten used to this so I always check Column View too when I run into similar issues. Sorry, I forgot to mention it is unfortunately the same for Column View:

Very strange. Is it any specific trigger category that doesn't show up or does it happen with all categories?

I use mouse triggers a lot ("Scroll Up / Down Over Menubar" and "Middle Click Over Menu Bar", neither of which are showing)

I've also many keyboard triggers mapped to my mouse and keyboard, which I use a lot. In fact these actions are actually keyboard triggers that activate named triggers:

But the actual F1 / F2 keyboard triggers are not showing up on Recently Used

Would be great if you could send the debug data to me (Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information). Maybe something is breaking the logging, but I can't figure out what it could be. (

In general a keyboard shortcut that triggers a named trigger should add both, the shortcut and the named trigger to the "recently used" section.