Kutu - Simple and Minimal Touchbar Preset

Download :link: v1.2 (2.7 MB)

Hi, I've been working on the perfect Touch Bar preset for a few days and now I'm done!

I decided to make my own preset because the popular touch bar presets that are often adapted to active window were tiring on my eyes.

I prepared a simple, easy on the eyes preset considering my own needs.

I inspired by @tmxgkh's great preset Minimalist: A clean and intuitive touchbar preset.
I used @Robert_Meerman's Microphone Mute / Unmute Widget
I used @Andreas_Hegenberg's Mute / Unmute Widget.
Thanks to this wonderful community!


Default State

There is a multimedia control area on the left side where you can simply control the music playing.

If no music is playing, the next and previous buttons are dimmed. You can start the music by pressing the Play button.

The preset is set for Spotify by default, if you use Apple Music you can change it in BetterTouchTool, there are instructions available.

On the right side you can view the next calendar event in today. If you press the calendar icon to the right of it, the expanded calendar opens.

The button next to it opens shortcuts.

On the far right are the mute speaker and mute microphone buttons. These are very useful in meetings, especially if I'm sharing a screen.

Shortcuts Expanded

β€ŽThere are some shortcuts here. I have added my favorites, you can change them as you wish.

Meetings Expanded

Here you can view your meetings for today and the tomorrow. You can open your calendar application by pressing the calendar button on the left.

A really slick one I like it!

Any way to get the mute button to work on external monitor audio source?

Hi! Thanks for your concern.
As far as I know, the macbook does not natively have the ability to control the volume and brightness of the external monitor.

But there is a great free app for that: MonitorControl.

I've modified the Speaker Mute button to work if you are using MonitorControl. It works fine, but the button doesn't turn red when toggled while on screen. I couldn't find a solution for this.

I also made bug fixes and some improvements to the preset. Update and let me know please. Thanks!

hey it's all working great!
I just don't see the pause button when music is playing and the calendar events are always empty

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same here, play/pause is missing and no calendar events shown! and How am I supposed to add a screen capture button on the default page?

Hi @ArcLover and @Eric_the_Kingmaker , I uploaded new version. Did some fixes and improvements.

Calendar events and play button should work fine now. Play button dedicated to Spotify by default. If you use Apple Music, open BTT - disable spotify and enable apple music play button. Dont forget to do same at Music Playing tab on the left.

I also added Screenshot button but its disabled for default. You can enable it on BTT. @Eric_the_Kingmaker

Thank you for your interest!