[Keyboard] How do I long press on keyboard?

Greatness is when you admit your mistakes!

I understand, and agree with you. And I am sorry for being a "Karen", It's not often that you receive an email notification from a 2 year old post that is ongoing. I though that it's normal practice to close down the post (issue/feature) once it's implemented.

All good, I also understand! Maybe you still have some use for that long press feature, even if you discovered it only now :slight_smile:

I literally just found and tested it. Thank you.

Here is also some tutorial for configuring short and long press actions as it might not be completely obvious:

Keyboard shortcuts: configure different functionality for long or short presses - Tutorials - BetterTouchTool Community (folivora.ai)

And because Andreas sometimes forgets to mention the "other" way :upside_down_face:. Here it is.

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ah yes :smiley:

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By the way (not it my defense). I believe something was breaking forum/scroll for me (Chrome). When I first arrived, my view was limited to the last 2 posts. Buttons were unresponsive (js completely stopped), nothing is clickable.

The website is usable after CMD+SHIFT+R
And again unusable after a simple refresh(CMD+R)

Troubleshooting the same issue now, the console gives me:

Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src https://community.folivora.ai/logs/ https://community.folivora.ai/sidekiq/ https://community.folivora.ai/mini-profiler-resources/ https://community.folivora.ai/assets/ https://community.folivora.ai/brotli_asset/ https://community.folivora.ai/extra-locales/ https://community.folivora.ai/highlight-js/ https://community.folivora.ai/javascripts/ https://community.folivora.ai/plugins/ https://community.folivora.ai/theme-javascripts/ https://community.folivora.ai/svg-sprite/ 'sha256-hzxbmvze6p3mvhdzlfai9cumlh+qwx6bnt3qtwnpatg='". Either the 'unsafe-inline' keyword, a hash ('sha256-OMMITING_THE_HASH_HERE='), or a nonce ('nonce-...') is required to enable inline execution.

I've now found the culprit in a Chrome extension and disabled it.

Sorry for the tangent, and general sorry again. (this post can rest now).

I have just added long press for mouse clicks to 3.959 alpha! It's pretty great here (long left click :exploding_head:) but it's also a pretty complex feature and you might run into early bugs.

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I'll have to try that out. But where is it? Can't find it. :thinking:

Ah, only for the mouse, not for the trackpad?

That will also work for trackpad, normal mouse in this case just means the standard mouse clicks and the trackpad will also produce standard left/right clicks. It still needs to be configured in the "normal mouse" tab

Ok, great, but not obvious :wink: I'll test it, thanks :clap:

Sorry, a little afraid to lock myself out. :cold_face:

I put this on:

Left click, short = normal left click

Left click, long = something


Ah, or I set up the left click with a modifier before for safety...

you don't need to add left click short, I have made it so that if you only have a long click defined, the standard click will still work. Worst case you can use right click to disable the trigger :slight_smile:

Das ist richtig gut durchdacht :-), danke, Andreas.

Sorry, bin wohl zu blΓΆd... BTT will hier einen Modifier...


if you want to do it without modifier you need to check the checkbox with the warning triangle.

That is what I did before. Unfortunately, it does not work. With the modifier (shift) it does. :man_shrugging: