[Keyboard] How do I long press on keyboard?


I've been a BTT amateur user since around the time it got first released.

I've recently decided to improve my workflow a bit since my worn out keyboard has like 4 working buttons left on it. How would I go about accomplishing the following:

[Press ESC key, quick, 0-300ms] --> Action 1
[Press ESC key, long press , 301-...ms] --> Action 2

Help would be much appreciated.

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Great question! I have the same. Is it possible at all?

Long press for shortcuts is not available yet but I’m working on it! Hope to have this ready in ~2 weeks


9 long months later, my prayers have finally been heard! :pray:

Nice! Looking forward to this feature as well. Love seeing that you're working on it.

Andreas, while you're looking at this could you also possibly look at the ability to hold keys down to trigger mouse buttons, with the appropriate handling of mouse down/mouse up?

Specifically I am looking to bind F1 to LMB, such that whenever I hold F1, LMB is pressed.

In practice this means I need "LMB Down" sent continuously when F1 is pressed, and then "LMB Up" as soon as F1 is released.

I never found a way to do that in BTT, so instead I use Karabiner Elements. That's OK, except it then becomes quite complicated if I want conditional assignment, eg F1 = LMB, but Cmd-F1 = something else, no LMB.

I'd much rather be able to do this in BTT instead, if it's ever possible.

That should already work by using the "Trigger on Key Up" setting for the shortcut:

Combined with the custom click action

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Oh yes! Thank you.

I'm sorry, I never thought to use two separate actions. That's really great, thank you.

So now I'm wondering: can I do all of the stuff I do in Karabiner Elements, in BTT. The other stuff I have is related to getting my English UK PC keyboard to work fully, and not like an Apple UK keyboard. Like swapping " and @, and putting ` and £ where they should be.

I also use it to assign CapsLock to Cmd+Control+Option+Shift, for then using for further shortcuts.

Karabiner Elements installs as a kext device driver so I guess it works even at the login screen, maybe also across users, which I suppose BTT can't. But other than that I guess BTT can do all of this too?

Thanks again.

Key remapping is better done in Karabiner as it works on a lower level, BTT is more for assigning some non-key actions to keyboard shortcuts.

Swapping " and @ could also be done using a built in tool in macOS, but if Karabiner is working good for you, I'd just leave it.

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Fair enough. Yeah I haven't touched Karabiner's config in years.

I got my F1 setup working as I hoped in BTT, many thanks again

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