🎧 K2 AirPod Pro Preset

I've noticed that, since the upgrade to Monterey, I can't seem to get the values for the battery levels on this preset. When I check for /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.....it's not there at all. Did Apple move it to a different spot?

No idea just yet, I have not done the Monterey upgrade to my MacBook Pro just yet. Waiting until I have time to code all the updates required.

Not moved - removed. But you can use this:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType

or this to retrieve the output as plist.:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType -xml

The values are still there - at least for the AirPods Pro (I could not test more, since I no longer have any other devices).
I have adapted my applet accordingly and it works: Help with modifying some code pls - #16 by Dirk

Hi, first thanks for your sharing, I just installed it but something is wrong.
The connect buttons is fine, but it can't show the battery volume, which part I did it wrong....

And my airpods was connected normally but it keep showing "Not connected"

Not working, with Beats Studio buds :(. Not designed to work with. Im wondering can you make for them?