Is this possible with btt?

Hi btt

 I'm shifting to mac , my mac is on the way 

I have been a windows user whole life ...professionally I am music producer and use fl studio.

In windows I made a workflow of quickly doing my keyboard sequences with click of one shortcut
For example ..

I have to press keys like this to turn on time stretching

F5 -> shift +m
And I assigned it to win+Ctrl+m

It helped me to make my workflow faster .

Can I do this with btt? And instead of assigning it to a custom shortcuts I wanna assign it to a trackpad gesture.

This is just two shortcut sequence sometimes I have to press more than 5 shortcut keys in a row ... Can I do that in btt? If I can how quick will it be ...
It will be in a snap or it will be a slow process like in my windows laptop ?

Another shortcut I made is clicking custom macro button by specifying a mouse pointer location on screen ...

Can I assign that too with a trackpad gesture???

that should all be possible. Best use the 45 day trial version once you receive your Mac.

There are currently quite a few music related users who build cool stuff with BTT's floating menus, that might also be interesting especially with the upcoming BTT Remote / BetterTouchTool Mobile (BTT Floating Menu running on a touchmonitor )

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