Is it possible to create mouse chords/click sequences?

Im new to this app, and it seems very basic but I cant seem to find it. Id like to be able to make key sequences with mouse clicks

On my previous mouse manager I set up:
mouse button 5 + left click = zoom in
mouse button 5 + right click = zoom out
mouse button 5 + middle click = reset zoom

It was perfect, didnt need to have a hand on the keyboard to move around.

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I am also interested in this. In particular, I think mouse buttons (especially M4 and M5) should be available as if they were keyboard modifier keys in both the mouse section and the keyboard section. Actually, it would be nice if ANY keyboard or mouse key could be used as a modifier key. I have some extra mouse keys mapped to F13-F20 that I would love to use as part of chords.

I was actually able to produce this with a complicated combination of named triggers, AppleScript, conditional activation groups and custom variables.