Chording of left mouse button using Advanced Triggers?

I'd like to set up a normal mouse with the following two commands, and I think I'm running into problems from limitations of BTT:

  1. Hold middle mouse button + Left click : Cmd+W (close window / tab)
  2. Hold middle mouse button + Right click : Cmd+T (re-open tab)

I had this running on Windows with X Mouse button Control, and it's the one and only way my Windows experience was superior to BTT on Mac.

When I stumbled across Advanced triggers today, I got excited that this may be feasible!

It turns out it's very close. What I found:

  • Chord #2 (with right click) works! (Even though BTT implores me to select a modifier key)
  • Chord #1 (with left click) does not work, unless I pick a modifier key.

So, here is my question: Can anyone think of a workaround? Or, @Andreas_Hegenberg , could you make it a new feature, that left-click is allowed without a modifier key, so long as there's a "suitable" condition met? (Perhaps for the short-term, whitelist some of the triggers as a safe-enough substitute for a modifier key, and expand the list as users request more, and you are convinced it's safe enough that it won't make regular mouse-clicking totally unusable by accident.)

I see things like this have been asked on the forum before, such as Is it possible to create mouse chords/click sequences?. But I haven't seen someone solve it.

I will add an option to allow left-click without modifier keys.
The current limitation is just there to prevent users from locking themselves out because left-click was overridden by them accidentally. With a good enough warning, this should be ok.

Any news on this? I was just about to report this as well.

This is now possible with the latest alpha version:

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@Andreas_Hegenberg , this is great, thank you for building it!

Every so often, it misfires, and a left-click (even without middle click being held down) triggers the shortcut. In those cases, I just manually go into BTT and Cmd+D to deactivate that action. Quitting and re-opening doesn't seem to fix it.

When I go to advanced trigger options, I can see that it's got it reversed: When middle-click is not being pressed, it erroneously sets the condition to true; and vice versa.

In this case, it seemed to resolve itself after a few minutes (while I was trying to reproduce to write about it here).

Let me know if logs or something could help to diagnose the issue.