Improve integration with Apple sidecar

I often use my iPad as a second screen and, if possible, there are 4 things that I would like to see/improve while using BTT and Sidecar:

  1. Sidecar supports a very limited number of gestures forcing you to either use the mouse/trackpad or the Apple pencil most of the time. While this is usually fine, having the possibility to add at least two simple gestures like tap to click and 2-finger tap (or double tap) to right click would be wonderful. Duet Display already offers this feature (so I assume that it should be possible also in Sidecar) at a very reasonable price for the wired version. The problem is that compared to Sidecar, Duet Display is considerably more laggy and less responsive while using the Apple pencil to comment .pdf files.

2-3) It would be nice to use BTT to customize the iPad's touch bar and side bar, but I saw Andreas' reply from a few years ago to this post saying that he doesn't "know of a way to prevent the "app-specific" nature of the Sidecar Touch Bar" to make it work. Is this still the case? Does the same issue apply to the side bar?

  1. On the iPad, the mini menubar in the bottom left of the notch bar is not displayed. For now I simply toggle the notch bar on/off, but in the future it would be really nice to visualize on the iPad an identical copy of the notch bar or (if the space doesn't allow it) to move the mini menubar elsewhere.