HyperKey and Named Triggers

Probably newbie user error, but any help would be appreciated.

I followed the instructions in Defining a Hyper Key to have Caps Lock serve as a HyperKey under Keyboard Shortcuts. I then set up named triggers for ESC and CAPS LOCK to serve as named triggers under Named & Other Triggers. I then went back to the HyperKey shortcut and under Named Trigger selected "Select Reusable Named Tigger." This is all done in my Default (Master) preset

The HyperKey works with a Keyboard Maestro shortcut (HyperKey-H) to hide all open windows.

However, I cannot get the named triggers to work when the HyperKey is pressed without a shortcut. For instance, I cannot get the Caps Lock key to operate as normal when pressed without a shortcut.

Possible issue: There may be a conflict with the GoldenChaos BTT 3.392, but issue persists even if I deactivate the GoldenChaos preset. I'm not sure how to identify other possible conflicts.

What am I doing wrong? I Thanks!