Hyper Key Named Trigger not working

Hello just bought BTT and can't achieve what I planed, maybe someone can help :slight_smile:
I wanted to use "Caps Lock" as a Hyper Key and in addition as a Language Switcher key
Cant get the "Named Trigger" to Trigger :slight_smile:
Named trigger is setup as "Cycle through multiple actions (on repeat trigger)"
The trigger functions correctly if I call it using Hyper+Space shortcut
but it doesn't function if i just tap the Hyper Key (Caps Lock)

Here is a screenshot of the config

I know that my question is similar to this one HyperKey and Named Triggers - Discussion & Questions - BetterTouchTool Community (folivora.ai)
I managed to get caps lock working when using Named trigger 'Toggle Caps Lock On/Off"

Any Advice would be appreciated