How to scroll screen while selecting text?

As title, when BTT is on, I can't scroll while selecting text. The gesture I usually perform is as follow (just default ones, no other configuration):

  1. Use one finger to hold down a click to begin selecting text.
  2. Use another finger to move the cursor to select text.
  3. If the rest of text is out of screen, I use two finger to scroll (the click hold by 1. still apply).

I notice that I can do this when BTT is off, but cannot when it is on.
How do you guys usually perform such a task? I thought this is a daily used gesture for normal word typing job and coding stuff.

My current workaround is to totally disable BTT for certain type-heavy applications like VSCode and other IDEs.

Oh you're right :hushed: Never actually saw that.
You could sign a keyboard shortcut that disables BTT while being pressed, then the gesture works again. But maybe this hole topic should rather go into #bug-reports? @Andreas_Hegenberg

Thanks for the reply, I've founded something similar in bug-reports and reply it days ago:

You know they are too busy doing new version, gui, other serious bugs etc... so I think I should just ask some workaround here lol