I can't scroll when i drag

When i drag something i can't scroll with trackpad or mouse. If i deactivate BTT, i do.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Mas OS Mojave
  • macOS version: Latest
  • BetterTouchTool version: Latest

I encountered this behavior too. I used to use left hand to hold a click, and use the other hand to move curser to drag/select text and scroll when needed. With BTT on, the scrolling is not responsive.
This is a huge disadvantage using BTT because it affects my working efficiency. I really love this tool but now I'm struggling using it.
Hope they can get a bigger team working on these bugs.

Same. I couldn't figure out why when I would click to drag a file and then scroll with my other two fingers (to get to the folder I wanted in a long list), the scroll was extremely difficult to initiate, if I could get it to do anything at all. I later discovered that it was because of BTT. Checking settings, I found the optimization for three finger dragging (not sure if this is really the same as I do not have that accessibility tool enabled), but even upon trying all the options and restarting BTT each time, it still didn't work.