How to reset to a default state?


I tried everything in order to check how to reset and delete any set of preferences made by BetterSnapTool so I can revert it to the clean and pure default state. I used AppCleaner and I also tried to manually search for folders and files that I deleted. Nothing reverts the default settings.

Could someone point me how can I achieve this?

I also strongly believe there should be an option to do that in the software itself.

Thanks in advance.

There is nothing special about how BetterSnapTool saves it’s settings, so AppCleaner should work fine :man_shrugging: Maybe some file permission problem?

You can also do it manually by deleting these two:

~/Library/Application Support/BetterSnapTool



In any case always make sure to quit BetterSnapTool before trying to reset the settings.

Yeah i think the reason could be because the app was running in the background.