How to prevent CTRL + ALT / SHIFT to switch to the BTT touchbar?


my current plan is to keep the touchbar as stock macOS as possible, but set up BTT custom layouts that are triggered via modifier keys.

  • CTRL: Touchbar presets for system controls, such as lock, brightness (display + keyboard)
  • ALT: music controls + volume sliders
  • CTRL + SHIFT: F1 … F12 keys (custom layout built in BTT)
  • FN: Emulated old Mac utility key layout (via keyboard settings in systemsettings, not BTT)
  • CTRL + OPT + CMD: Window manipulation

The default BTT touchbar layout therefore is empty.
I only added one button with the predefined action "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" to be able to exit this custom layout.

However I've noticed that whenever I hold down either CTRL + ALT or CTRL + Shift that the touchbar's layout will switch to the BTT one.

How can I remove this keyboard shortcut?

Thanks a lot in advance