CTRL + another modifier key will invoke the BTT touchbar. BTT Toggle then requires a double press to hide it.


using CTRL + either one of the other modifier keys (FN, SHIFT, ALT, CMD) or multiple of those will activate the BTT custom touchbar on my MacBook Pro 13" (2018) running macOS 10.14 and BTT 2.645, despite there not being any trigger set to invoke it.

Furthermore I noticed that this depends on the order of the keys being pressed. The bug of BTT being shown only occurs, when CTRL is hit first. If I press down for example CMD and then hit CTRL the BTT touchbar preset won't be shown.

Here's a short video that shows the faulty behavior:

As I described here (How to prevent CTRL + ALT / SHIFT to switch to the BTT touchbar?) I want to leave the touchbar stock in regular use and use BTT to set up different touchbar presets invoked only when holding down modifier keys. That's why my touchbar is empty, except one "BTT toggle" (home glyph, due to the BTT glyph not being available, see: BetterTouchTool glyph to on the Touch Bar?).

Additional bug:
The BTT toggle button in my custom BTT touchbar set then needs to be pressed twice to toggle the touchbar off again. It seems not to recognize the invoke-state, if the bar is shown via the CTRL-bug.

Thanks a lot in advance for looking into that issue. :slight_smile:

Same issue here. Even if the setting, "Prevent keyboard modifiers from restoring a hidden Touch Bar" is set to "true," the ctrl key still invokes the BTT touchbar.