How do I completely disable the clipboard manager?

I'm using another app to manage my clipboard, how do I stop better touch tool from capturing my clipboard?

Remove any actions that have the „show clipboard manager action“ assigned :slight_smile:

I expected this is how it should work, but got confused by the fact that if I remove and then re-add the clipboard action and open the manager, there is still my old clipboard history there. But now I noticed that there is only history that was before deactivation so it's all fine.
Thanks for the clarification.

Ah yes, to clear the previous history you first need to add the action again and use the clear all button:

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It looks to me like the clipboard entries are saved even if I disable the actions to open the clipboard.
If I re-enable it later and then go to the clipboard, I can see stuff from the period when it was disabled.

Maybe I`m doing something wrong, but I like to completely disable it and stop it from saving my clipboard.

you need to delete them, disabling in this case just stops the actions but not the recording

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