Help with simulating double-click-drag and caps lock

I have been using BTT for two months and I can barely imagine my life before :slight_smile:

There are two things I can't manage to config:

  1. Double-click-and-drag with middle mouse button

    • Normal mouse, wheel click. I want to be able to use it as a left double-click, but also as a drag, ie. hold down on second left click, to select text by word. I have tried this approach of assigning an action to button-down and -up, but I can't get the drag to work. Here's a pen. I've also tried to chain a full left-click and then another left-down, but that doesn't seem to work either.
    • Target context is all apps
  2. Toggle caps lock with extra mouse button

    • Normal mouse, 4th (side) button. I want a single press of a button to simulate pressing and releasing the caps lock. Target app is Geforce Now. All other mappings work -- for example, I have another mouse button trigger an "F" keypress successfully in that app -- but caps lock doesn't work. Difficult to test in other apps because caps aren't actually locked with this mapping.

Thank you for reading.

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